Small Amanita muscaria mushrooms near the pond with Hosta leaves in background

Nature Photo Challenge #8: Fascinating Fungi

Yet another photo challenge from Denzil Nature. All photos are from my archives, because there are no mushrooms visible here now (unless you know where to look).

Fungus on log
Leathery fungus (name unknown to me) on a section of log
Amanita muscaria mushroom
A cute little baby Amanita muscaria
Boletus mushroom October 2020
A mushroom in the genus Boletus. Species unknown to me, but it’s obviously edible by something!
Mystery mushroom; turned out to be Battarrea phalloides, July 28, 2019
The “mystery mushroom” that popped up near my garden shed in July 2019. A mycologist identified it as Battarrea phalloides. A very strange life form indeed.
Giant specimen of Boletus edulis at SVIMS Mushroom Show Nov. 3, 2019
A gigantic specimen of Boletus edulis on exhibit at a mushroom show put on by the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society in 2019, where I had my mystery mushroom identified.
Amanita muscaria mushroom
Amanita muscaria all grown up!


    1. I like going out in the woods and finding mushrooms and fungi, mostly to observe and admire them, rather than figure out if they’re edible.
      That giant boletus was something to see at the exhibition, never mind finding it in the first place, which would have been an event!
      Thanks for your comments, Diana!

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