1. I really liked the look of the japonica. Investigating here in the UK, I can get it and grow it here, even in large container. (I have paved garden). One thing though, to buy one can be expensive, over £20 in many cases, but I found a stockists not too far away who have been selling them for less than £8 and I’ve placed an order for later.

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    1. Thanks, Andrea! I just use a little Canon point & shoot camera that’s actually quite old, but it’s good for plant photos. Hopeless for birds, though, which is why I was happy to find that photo of goldfinches that my husband took with a “proper” camera.

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    1. If you are in UK, yes it will grow just fine. I have all paved gardens so it’s going in a large pot. Shop around as prices differ significantly. I’ve one on the way from Farmyard nursery in Wales for less than £4 (normal price £7.95) but have seen them over £20.

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      1. I’m in Oregon in the US, but my climate is similar to Audrey’s. A touch colder perhaps, but not much. It’s just about planting time here so I’m going to look around for it this week. Thanks for the tip, Gary. 🙂 Happy Gardening!

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