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She Who Returns

The sequel to She Who Comes Forth, and the conclusion of the six novels that began with The Friendship of Mortals, featuring Herbert West (Francis Dexter), those who knew him, and those who did not.

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Every decision has consequences, and logic gets you every time.

France Leighton is studying Egyptology at Miskatonic University in Arkham, where a lonely ghost haunts the university library, and strangeness is normal. France’s hopes for a return to Egypt are complicated by her talent for rash decisions and the arrival of her twin half-brothers from England

Edward and Peter are contrasts. One is a rational scientist, the other a dabbler in the occult, but they are equally capable of persuading France to help them with dubious schemes.

France does return to Egypt, if not quite the way she intended.

She meets old friends, former colleagues, and challenges rooted in her family’s complicated history. Accusations of antiquities theft drive France and her companions into hiding in the Theban Hills west of Luxor. An attack by an old enemy in a new form turns an adventure into a desperate predicament.

On the brink of another failure, France must make hard choices and prepare for the ultimate sacrifice.


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