Orange tulips and forget-me-nots with iris cristata and molinia caerulea variegata

Spring Sights: Tulips and More

I took these photos over several weeks in April and early May. Of course, gardens never stay the same. By now, tulip time is over and we’re into iris time.

Red tulips from above
These are the tulips that used to be pale pink!
Tulipa batalinii
My favourite little species tulips, Tulipa batalinii
Red and yellow parrot tulips close up
Zany parrot tulips up close
Lamium maculatum "Friday"
Foliage effects: Lamium maculatum “Friday” and hardy cyclamen
London Pride (Saxifraga x urbium) and broken pot fragments
Making the best of a broken pot with “London Pride” (Saxifraga x urbium) and moss
Bluebells and cute pink watering can in front of shed
That photogenic watering can again! Looks even better with the bluebells in front.
Bluebells and white lilac
Bluebells and white lilac brought indoors.

Blue and Gold and Pink and Bronze

I think of April as the blue and gold month in my garden, as bluebells, forget-me-nots and the last of the rosemary blooms combine with gold tints of emerging foliage.

April 18, 2014

Fiddleheads behind Rosemary blooms

Fiddleheads behind Rosemary blooms

And pink and bronze? That delicious combination is found in the ornamental cherries planted as street trees nearby.

April 19, 2014