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Smashwords Christmas Sale!

There are deals to be had at the Smashwords store from December 25th through January 1st. Thousands of ebooks are discounted or free, including mine. And the Smashwords store has a new, improved look that’s worth checking out if you haven’t been there lately.

All the books you see above are included in the sale. Browse and buy right here.

Read An Ebook Week 7 is Upon Us!



For the seventh year running, Smashwords is participating in Read An Ebook Week. Authors who have published through Smashwords can offer their books at discounts from 25% to 100% (i.e. free) on the Smashwords site. The discounted books are featured in a separate catalogue from March 1st (12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time) until March 7th (12 p.m. PST).

Anyone who has downloaded my free ebook The Friendship of Mortals (or anyone else for that matter) can purchase the other three books of the Herbert West Series at a 50% discount.

What are you waiting for?


An E-book Review Blog

Indie authors take note! Editors Bill and Davilynn Furlow have started the Great Books Under $5 blog to bring notable e-books to the attention of the reading public. They have posted reviews for seven books since February, in a number of genres: mystery, thriller, historical and even a “quirky allegory.”

When Mark Coker of brought the Furlows’ blog to the attention of the Smashwords community, suggestions for books to review flooded in — more than 60 to date. The reviewers are diligently reading their way through these books and posting reviews (positive ones only!) every couple of weeks.

Readers and writers — check out this blog, subscribe and comment!  It’s good to see that someone is paying attention.