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Official Book Launch

Book Launch! Volume 2 of The Precipice Dominions by R.J. Llewellyn is now available. Fantasy adventure featuring three strong female characters.


If you happened to have read

Of Patchwork WarriorsAmazon Kindle

And wondered what became of Trelli, Arketre & Karlyn

Then the answer is

With Text 6Amazon Kindle

This volume should have been out 2 weeks ago, however the amazing cover produced by Matthew David Sharpe – (See Instagram: Odiousrule)  required one more re-write to do justice to his work. ( ie Karlyn & Hummingbirds, alteration for Arketre’s weaponry and  Trelli’s amazing hands)….and a couple holes being filled in the narrative. (the ones I noticed that is)  As stated previously actually folk will be buying a an image with a free book thrown in…see… Forthcoming Attraction!!

Whereas thanks to the miracles of Amazon science and technology the image (with free book) which was uploaded at 10.00 am (UK-BST) is now available, all interested folk are advised to wait until Monday 10th June 2019 when they will be able to get copies…

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